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Nails are not simply a canvas for us to decorate with glamorous nail colors to grab the attention of those around us. Nails protect the sensitive tissue on our fingertips and they give us an important inside window to the condition of our health. Have you ever just stopped to take a good look at your nails when they were completely bare? Study them closely. Most nails show a slight variation in color. Nails might appear pinkish, red, or white. Many might even see a bluish or yellow tint to their nails. What are these colors saying about the nails and your health? Let's take a closer look. .......

Good Nail Health


Body Care Wellness

 Total Body Care is a way to practice proper hygiene, wellness, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Living a healthier lifestyle is the best way to avoid catching germs or  certain contagious diseases. It does not take a lot of money to keep clean or practice good total body care. All it takes is time and effort. After all, taking care of your body or body care should be second nature to you.

Good body care begins with the basics. The basics are washing the body, hands, feet, hair, daily. And don't forget to brush and floss the teeth on a regular basis. If these basic measures are not taken daily, bacteria tends to build up which can seriously effect one's health.

Maintain Body Cleanliness - This is the first step in total body care. Once you get in the habit............

Body Care Wellness


Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Benefits

Pregnant women have known for a long time about the amazing cocoa butter benefits. Research shows that many products on the market that contain cocoa butter, like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Products, actually help reduce or even prevent stretch marks on the body.................

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Dark Spots Hiding On Knees

Dark spots on knees are frustrating and embarrassing. First let's look at top causes for dark spots appearing on the knees and some common sense solutions.

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New Softsoap Review


I recently received samples of the new line of products which include ingredients that are gentle on the skin, plus provide the all important moisture to dry skin. Let's take a closer look at the new products in this bodycare review.

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Mens' Speed Stick Review


Men's Speed Stick Stainguard antiperspirant is made especially for men and was formulated to fight those yellow stain problems plus keep men feeling odor free all day long.

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Beauty Savings That Work

Acquiring free samples is one excellent way to save on beauty and body care products before deciding if the product is actually worth buying. Read on for more advice targeted to those on a budget.

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